The shop was born

Thunderhorse Descendant's Creator and Artist Randee BrownMy name is Randee Brown ( my spirit name is Holy Bear Robe). I am a Native American women originally out of North Dakota. I am also a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) in Minneapolis Minnesota. I love to design and create beautiful, shiny, bobbles for this world. I create one of a kind, hand made jewelry items and other accessories. I would say my style has a wild and free spirit vibe. Creating my style has been a journey (I know its not done yet), I would like to share it with you. 

 My Job as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) is the most stressful and most rewarding thing I have ever done with my life. I am a human and so it is unrealistic for me to say that I do not travel with my clients down this road of recovery. Sometimes my clients are on the upswing sometimes not. I am a very compassionate person and want to help others. I LOVE being a counselor. Early in my career as a LADC I found that I struggled to care for myself on these journeys I was taking with other people. I found learning to be a counselor was hard, to differentiate between what I am feeling and what others are feeling. I wanted to be the best counselor I could and also take care of myself so I through myself into bead work a fun and creative meditation for me. In Native American culture there is very little written word, most history was passed down by stories and basically speaking about the issue or information. As a counselor I am bound by client confidentiality (rightfully so) however I had a tendency to become stuck with issues I could not speak about. At times I would become trapped in another persons emotions unable to process them. I continued to make jewelry and do bead work because it was such a positive, calming, and wonderful experience. 

To remedy my inability to process other peoples feelings I started to make jewelry, something I found to be beautiful, creative, and positive. This was not new for me as I have been creating jewelry since I was 6 years old. At first it was like a meditation but it grew into much more. The art allowed me a place to think through my emotions ( separate what is me from what is them) and generate therapeutic ideas that would help my clients move forward in a positive direction. In 2015, Thunderhorse Descendant expanded with the help of my Etsy Store However, Thunderhorse Descendant was still a “Hobby” in most aspects. It was at this time that I needed a name for my "shop". Thunderhorse Descendant is named after my mother Carol Thunderhorse who has always supported my dreams with honest feedback, love, and enthusiasm. In 2016, I gained a contract at Homespun Treasures II in Lindstrom, MN and started to provide inventory for their Boutique. In 2017, I started doing more custom orders for people and collaborations with customers such as weddings and large bulk orders. In 2018, I reduced my Drug Addiction Counseling hours to part time and decided to take Thunderhorse Descendant to the next level. I registered as the Sole Proprietor of Thunderhorse Descendant and got a MN State Tax ID number and took my act on the road. I started doing Craft Fairs and Craft shows in Minneapolis, MN and the Twin City area. I then had the idea to create my own website. I have been selling full time online now since 2018! I have wonderful people around me including my grandma, my significant other, and my mom. This venture has brought us closer together as a family and I could not be happier. 

 In Native American culture it is considered negative to create art when you are feeling negative emotions as it is believed that those energies will flow into the art and negatively effect the wearer. I smudge myself and my home frequently and I burn sweet grass in my home to draw positivity to the room while creating art. I can say wholeheartedly that my jewelry was created with honesty, love, hope for positive change, and faith in transitions with total respect for each individual path. The end
In conclusion, I love what I do! All of it.... the dreaming up designs, finding inspiration in places, things, and people. I love the uniqueness of it all. I love finding new items to add to my designs and I love that sometimes I get to see my designs walking down the street on past customers! I am excited about my new journey with Thunderhorse Descendant. Above all else I want others to know that change is possible and happiness is achievable. Thanks for reading my story. 

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