Hello Party People Thunderhorse Descendant does a Mini Series with the Bargain Bead Box Subscription every month. The July 2022 Bargain Bead Box idea videos have started coming out on my Youtube channel here is a link to my channel or click the first unboxing video to find the play list https://www.youtube.com/c/ThunderhorseDescendant

We start with the unboxing video to see what the month has brought us. 

Then we move on the the Plan video 

As you can see the thumbnails are Similar so you know which videos go together for that month. 

Then we start in with projects

This was project one a super fun starfish necklace design 

I will link the other projects here as well but it is important to note that I am still working on the mini series and we have loads of projects to go. Please consider subscribing to my channel and hit the bell so you are notified when I am putting up new videos. 

This month Project 2 had multiple parts

These are all of the videos that I have created thus far for Bargain Bead Box Coastal Breeze July 2022 as I said before we do this monthly. Please join in the fun and snag up some cool inspiration if you are interested in doing so. I hope you will come back and see the additional 5 or 6 videos I have planned for July 2022 Bargain Bead Box. 

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Have a Wonderful, Amazing, Spectacular, Beading Day! 

-Randee Thunderhorse Descendant